Our Partners

We work with a number of companies involved in promotion and business development. By partnering with us you will have access to companies that are professionally involved in marketing, SEO, financial analysis and other aspects of business development. Below are links to our partners.

Clockwork Poznań

Wirtualne Biuro Kraków

Coworking Rynek 28 Kraków

Our partners and their websites

Spółki – become our partner

Sprzedaż Spółki – company supporting us in preparing transactions of shares’ purchase of commercial companies.

Gotowe Spółki – a company offering ready-made companies both in Poland and abroad.

Sprzedaż Spółki – company offering ready-made companies for sale.

Gotowe Spółki – a company dedicated to support Clockowork Poznań in the sale of ready-made companies.

Virtual offices and coworking offices

Wirtualne biuro Gdańsk – Fillia our office in Gdansk. You can find there an offer for virtual office in Gdansk and coworking in Gdansk. If you are interested in our services in Gdansk.

Wirtualne biuro Poznań – Branch of our office in Poznan. In case you are interested in virtual office in Poznan.

Clockwork Poznań – The company with which we work in the coworking services.

Biuro247 – portal dealing with the promotion of coworking offices and virtual offices throughout Poland.

Cowork Poznan – information portal about coworking offices in Poznan.

Legal and business guides

Business Hub Poland – portal with economic information about Poland. The portal is our partner in promoting the knowledge of Polish business and Polish economy. Because we care about promoting the domestic economy we support their development.

Kancelaria Nieruchomości – Information portal on the real estate market in Poland. From time to time we share links with each other with articles.

Umowa Spółki – Information portal on commercial law companies.

Darmowe Wzory Pism – Portal offering free templates of letters from different fields.

Jak podzielić majątek – Portal dealing with the collection of information on the division of property.

Cosmetics – become a partner or a distributor.

Kosmetyk Dnia – Portal dealing with the promotion of information on cosmetics. Portal for both young women and older ladies.

Poznaj składniki – Portal dedicated to promoting information about the ingredients of cosmetics and other products. As a result of great interest in cosmetic products, we recommend that you thoroughly familiarize yourself with their ingredients.

Kosmetyki Dnia – Information portal about cosmetics. From time to time you will find there information about new cosmetics.

Nevatis – Online store offering cosmetics. Probably one of the most popular internet stores in Poland. Due to a very wide offer they are able to offer competitive prices.

Kosmetyk AA – Internet portal with information about cosmetics.

Opalmed – Portal dedicated to health promotion.

Other Portals

https://24bitcoin.pl/ – Portal with information about the cryptocurrency market.

https://bitcoinstore.pl/ – Cryptocurrencies and information about them.

https://www.cieniemiasta.pl/ – Old photographs of cities.