Virtual office, e-office is an ideal offer and solution to reduce business costs and save time. The fact is that this service is becoming more and more popular. It consists in outsourcing full office services to an external company without the need to physically appear in the office. In addition, we offer a set of packages to choose from. In each of them there are solutions that will definitely improve the comfort of running your company. In this way you will certainly reduce the costs of running it.

Running an office

In our offer you will find comprehensive service of incoming and outgoing mail. We will scan it for you and send it either electronically to your e-mail box or by post to the address you specify. You will be notified of each shipment first. This allows you to devote your time to other areas of your business. There are also no costs associated with hiring an employee as a secretary, which in the case of owning a company is a big advantage.

Offer – Address

The address of company registration is a basic matter. Not every entrepreneur wants to establish a company giving its place of residence. In the case of renting an apartment, there is often no such possibility. The cost of renting an office in large cities (especially in the city center or prestigious neighborhoods) is a considerable expense incurred every month. At the beginning you also have to take into account the necessity to buy the right equipment in the form of furniture and computer hardware, and not everyone has the money for that. Virtual office is an ideal solution for entrepreneurs. Apart from the address for registering your company and receiving correspondence, depending on the selected package, you will receive not only a place to work, but also a place for meetings with clients, trainings or conferences.

Offer – Desk for hours

Apart from the costs which the entrepreneur has to bear due to renting the place, there are also monthly maintenance costs for electricity, gas, water and the Internet connection. With our offer you do not have to worry about these issues. Renting a desk in virtual office Wrocław for hours gives you the comfort of peaceful work and maximum focus on it.

Conference rooms

We offer fully equipped conference rooms for rent for different size groups. We offer technical facilities in the form of projectors and beamers. In addition, we can take care of catering for you or you can simply use our kitchen.

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Bookkeeping is the responsibility of every employer. Virtual Office Wrocław offers comprehensive management of accounting department. Our friendly office is competent to handle all business entities.

List of services available in our virtual office and coworking: