Virtual Office Wroclaw

Virtual office is a modern service for your company. Above all, this solution is ideal for start-ups or freelancers. Our clients also include IT specialists and people running one-man businesses. It is a great solution for people staying abroad. Virtual office brings many benefits. First of all, you save money and time, and your work is streamlined. Take a look at the offer presented by Virtual Office Wrocław. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Virtual office Wrocław

As part of our services we offer you a full office service. You save your time and you can focus on other areas of your work. We take care of incoming and outgoing mail. Every time a package arrives you will receive a notification from us. It is up to you what to do with it. We can scan it and send to your e-mail box or send it back to your private address.

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We offer you the opportunity to work in coworking spaces. We provide you with a desk for hours, an office to run your business. Apart from that you can rent a room for a conference. Our network is extensive, so if you are looking for a place to conduct training in another city – we will certainly help you. Above all, be prepared to meet new interesting people and establish new business relationships. Coworking spaces never stand empty.

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Virtual office Wrocław – Accounting

In our mission we want to be as comprehensive as possible for you. Bookkeeping is another of the things you can transfer to our company. We deal with bookkeeping for various business entities. We do HR and payroll, tax returns. Our expertise includes many accounting and tax offices. If you have specific requirements we will help you find the right outsourcing company and there you will transfer all your accounting.

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Our services include administrative and legal services for companies. We also deal with their registration and sale. Therefore, we take care of the correctness at every stage. We prepare appropriate transaction documents. It is more and more frequently chosen form of conducting business activity. It allows you to separate private property from the company. If you want to conduct this kind of business necessarily contact us.

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Legal Services

Every company during its existence operates on the basis of contracts and other documents prepared by a lawyer. For this reason, clients of Virtual Office Wrocław can take advantage of legal services from our partner law firms. You can cooperate with them on a permanent, subscription or one-off basis in case of preparation. It all depends on your needs and the profile of your business. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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