What online accounting makes possible

What online accounting makes possible

The tools that are on the Internet provide more and more opportunities in more and more professions in different fields. Online accounting is gradually gaining more popularity because of the convenience of the solution and the speed of operation. This way you can also avoid the complications associated with using traditional accounting. In essence, online bookkeeping is no different from traditional bookkeeping except that the documents are sent via the Internet and you can do all the bookkeeping yourself. Besides, you have access to your documents at all times. If necessary, you can easily reprint them. There are many free and paid applications on the market that offer accounting. Read the article till the end to find out what online accounting enables.


Online accounting apps offer many different options. These include:

  • document generation (e.g., invoices, bills, tax and insurance returns)
  • creation of databases and records,
  • maintenance of revenue and expense ledger,
  • calculation of premiums and tax liabilities,
  • human resources and payroll,
  • warehouse system,
  • analyses, reports and statements,
  • quick retrieval of customer data by means of NIP number.

Additionally, applications often allow integration with external applications or devices, such as:

  • e-commerce platforms,
  • self-collection system,
  • fiscal cash register (systems often have the option of direct integration with most fiscal printers with the function of reporting online sales. It also gives the possibility to generate fiscal receipts from the computer. In addition, they will be automatically recorded in the relevant records),
  • Internet banking.
online accounting functionality

What does online accounting enable? – Benefits

The benefits of online accounting are undoubtedly more numerous than in case of traditional accounting. The advantages of this solution include:

  • lower costs associated with bookkeeping,
  • faster settling of issues,
  • the possibility of completing formalities without leaving home (documents can be sent online 24 hours a day),
  • constantly updated regulations in the tax law (there is no fear that you will submit all the formalities in a wrong way),
  • simple application handling.

Do not be afraid that someone unauthorized will get data from your company. Accounting apps make sure that all information as well as documents are well protected.

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