A company is one type of business. Commercial law companies make it possible to conduct business in a legal form that guarantees security and a clear way of operation. Their characteristic feature is that it leads to the creation of a separate company property, which is inviolable during its duration. Besides, your private assets are separated from the company’s assets. This solution offers many advantages, both tax and security in the form of protection from creditors. Read the article to the end and find out what services related to companies you can find in Virtual Office Wrocław.

Registration of a company

Registration of a company is a service consisting of preparation of articles of association and the articles of association. In the next step, the company handling the registration organizes a meeting at a notary in order to take over the shares. Then the office completes the formalities related to the registration in the National Court Register and makes notifications to public administration offices. Entry in the National Court Register takes place on the basis of a court decision. Immediately after its issuance, the data contained therein are entered into the KRS teleinformatic system.

Ready-made companies

A ready-made companies are entities already established and prepared for sale to interested persons. It is a way to avoid complicated procedure of registration of the entity from scratch, because it usually takes even a few weeks. This way you can buy a company very quickly. All formalities are completed at the notary’s office. Then within 24 hours after taking over shares in the company you will issue your invoices. As you can see this solution is definitely cheaper, faster and more comfortable than registration from scratch.

Sale of companies

Selling a company is a transaction that requires legal knowledge and experience. During the meeting at the notary you will need to hand over the required documents of the company. You will also need to sign forms updating the KRS. Law firms with which we cooperate will help you to prepare all the formalities. In addition, we can carry out a legal and financial audit of your company to check whether there are any liabilities to tax authorities or debts to contractors.

Foreign companies

If you want to start running your business abroad then a foreign company is an ideal solution for you. Companies in other jurisdictions offer many advantages besides tax optimization. One of them is a different way of recognizing company costs. This allows you to write off purchases from the company’s taxable amount at the end of the year. Through our partner companies we can assist you in both the registration and purchase of companies in a large number of countries around the world.

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