Tax audit in a virtual office

tax audit - access to documents

Most often the entrepreneur learns about the planned tax inspection through a letter received from the tax office. If you run your company in a virtual office and the information about the tax inspection was sent to you by mail, you will receive a notification about the receipt of the letter and its scan by email (if you choose such a way of dealing with the received correspondence). Having your business premises in a virtual office does not have any negative impact on passing a tax inspection. Read the article to the end to find out how the tax audit in a virtual office works.

four binders of documents prepared for tax inspection

Documents and control

In case you are expecting a tax inspection and your company has its registration address at the address of the virtual office, check whether the documentation that the officials want to look at is located at the virtual office or somewhere else. If the place where the documentation is stored is different than the address of the virtual office, you should inform the office by letter, also providing the correct address, so that the planned tax inspection takes place in the right place.

Tax inspection in a virtual office – What documents are stored in a virtual office

There are three situations related to your company documents and tax audit:

  • all documents are located in a virtual office,
  • only essential documents are stored in the virtual office
  • All documents are located outside of the virtual office.

Remember, the tax audit will take place at the address indicated in company formation. This is the address where your accounting documents are kept. In situation when your documents are in e.g. accounting office, then indicate the address of this office as a place for inspection.

tax audit - access to documents

Reasons for a tax audit

Tax audits are often conducted for reasons provided by the entrepreneur. These include, but are not limited to :

  • frequent tax adjustments,
  • Inconsistencies in the tax paid in relation to the company’s declared turnover,
  • large differences between turnover and tax amount,
  • sudden large losses,
  • sudden large profit with small receipts to the company’s bank account,
  • your tax return may not be accurate,
  • filing a VAT refund claim,
  • Large amounts of intra-community transactions.

Tax audit in virtual office – Consequences of ignoring tax audit

Remember to never ignore tax audit letters. With the help of regulations this can be treated as a misdemeanor. This is associated with tax nuisance. It also creates the possibility of being subject to a penalty imposed by the tax office.

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