Uniform residence and work permit

Uniform residence and work permit

Under one procedure called a single permit, a foreigner may obtain a temporary residence permit and a work permit. This solution is very beneficial because all the formalities legalizing the stay and employment are dealt with in one administrative procedure. In this case the foreigner does not have to apply separately for a residence permit (e.g. visa). The employer, on the other hand, does not have to apply for a work permit. This allows you to save time and minimize unnecessary formalities. The permit is granted for a period of not less than 3 months and not more than 3 years. Read the article till the end and find out what the single residence and work permit is about.

Uniform residence and work permit – Where and how to apply?

The application for a temporary residence and work permit shall be submitted in person. It should be submitted no later than on the last day of legal residence in Poland. When submitting the application, fingerprints are taken. For this reason, the foreigner cannot submit the application through an attorney. The completed application and all required attachments should be submitted to the voivod in charge of the place of residence. If the application is sent by post, the foreigner will receive a summons from the voivod to appear in person within 7 days in order to have his/her fingerprints taken. The permit received cannot be renewed upon expiration. However, it is possible to apply for a new uniform permit.

What if I lose or change jobs?

If a foreigner loses a job with any of the employers, he/she must notify in writing the voivod who issued the uniform permit within 15 working days. If the foreigner wants to change the employer indicated in the application, they have to obtain a new temporary residence permit. It is also possible to change the permit. The foreigner may apply for it when he/she will perform work at a different position. And also under different conditions than those included in the uniform permit. In addition, if he is a temporary employee and the user employer is to be changed – also in this case it is necessary to apply for a change of permit.

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